Stop Motion of Memories from 2011


This is a stop motion piece depicting the memories from some of the photos i took in 2011 when being with friends and family.  I thought it would be quite interesting to see them all together as a short animation project.  Roll on 2012.  I do not own the rights to the music.  

Hideaway 2011

Hideaway 2011
Circular Room Installation

This was the piece i did for my final degree show at Goldsmiths. After a lot of time, planning, setting up, and effort my idea came to life.  The piece was to represent a sanctuary space where someone could come to relax or escape as there own little hideaway or den.  The stillness of the piece was very important to me as i wanted it to be a place of tranquility, the clock on the wall didn't work, the fags in the ash tray were stumped out and the smell of the bark gave it a natural atmosphere.  Thank you for those who commented in my book!!

Goldsmiths Degree Show

So its finally came to a close the work has been taken down, the gallery space remain empty as when it started.  It is quite upsetting to be leaving the course as i never thought it would have dawned so quickly.  I was very happy for the feedback and comments from viewers and fellow students about my work as it has made me inspired and motivated to continue making work in the same field of interest. I wish to say a big thank you for everyone who supported me and came by to see my work and other peoples. :)

A day in the park 2011

This piece depicts the escapism of my own imagination as my work has become more about enlightenment and romanticism. I thrive to highlight beauty in animation as i believe the music is the most powerful source examples such as Fantasia, Bambi, Len Lye are used to create an atmosphere or emotional response to either the characters or images place in front of the screen.  Please feel free to watch and comment. :)

Financial Crisis

This animated project talks about money issues and problems.  As i find myself normally having no money most of the time or its gone in a matter of moments. I do not own the rights to the music.

Experimental Animation


This is an experimental piece i made using stop motion, which I still think is not finished. I trying to create an atmospheric approach concentrating on the materiality of objects and textures of the soil, however the work itself is very sketchy as I'm interested in the drawn aspect of the work.  I have drawn into the soil creating images of nature and growth as it mainly focuses on environmental meanings.  It is very quirky yet i still think the sense of narrative could be more present. There is a element of symbolism, childhood and nature in the piece as I've mainly combined image with sound.  Yet i still feel like i could refine the piece a bit more. Please feel free to comment as your comments mean a lot to me :)  

Untitled 2011

This is an experimental stop motion piece I'm working on at the moment discussing the relationship between a animals perspective from inside a woodland.  I wanted to imagine what sort of perception you would get from the animals eyes or sounds which would cause threat or danger towards the creature. I chose stop motion because it has a static feel which is quite jumpy and energetic.  There is also a sense of stillness in the work with the different mixture of editing.  Its still needs a lot of work as its mainly a test.

Bus Stop

This is my newest animation involving a man waiting at a Bus Stop while everyday life happens around him, however not all goes to plan while he is waiting.  I've added a small amount more to the animation to show the passage of time.  It is a very simple idea and correlates very much like the fish bowl animation underlining the concepts of everyday life, waiting, time and boredom. Please feel free to watch :)

Fed Up 2010 (New alternative piece)

This is a redo of Fed Up as i wasn't happy with the other animation.  It involves more shots then the first so the movement of the fish is a bit more smoother and has a completely different ending.  The piece talks about the essence of time and waiting and I've extended the piece to underline these aspects of the work as i found the first piece to short. The work itself is minimalistic with the simple drawing showing the movement of the fish and the environment around it. After all this is a fishes life and i find it very inspirational with connotations of loneliness, repetition, stillness, being trapped, and self-consciousness. Please feel free to watch :) 

Feeling the Effects

This piece is to express the idea of repetition. At the time I created the piece I was drinking and socialising quite a lot and i wanted to express this into an art context. The work has aspects of dark humor, tension, atmosphere, in a very surreal manner with the illusions of the pint glass exploding and the close up of the dart hitting the dartboard.


This is an animation i worked on underlining the visual perspective of a fly after reading 'insect poetics' by Eric. C. Brown. It highlights three different proportions of the fly to give the sense of an atmospheric environment which happens to be my home which I photographed around my kitchen.  The piece itself was not meant to be comical.    However people started laughing due to the sound and cartoon drawn aspect of the work. Since than I've started to look into the ideas of humour in animation and cartoons.  Please feel free to leave your comments and thank you for watching :)

Byam Shaw Final Piece 2008

This was my final piece at Byam Shaw, I mainly wanted to reflect on the sketchbook as a dairy of thoughts and personal feelings. For me the sketchbook is the important source of information as it holds a lot of time, thought and experimentation. This was to show a journey of ideas which would come to life in a book.


This piece has now be added with music which my friend wrote for me on his acoustic guitar. It was inspired by a poem called Sorrow by Sarah Long and reaches on the idea of loneliness and solitude of a Magpie flying over a black hearten city. The music adds to the environment and mood of the piece which i think works please feel free to comment your thoughts :)  Thank you to my friend Mo for making the music for me

Animal Testing short piece

This was a short animation i did underlining animal testing yet i wasn't keen to continue. It was just an idea in a sketchbook.